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Welcome to Super Paws Rescue, Inc Page!

We are a 501c3 approved animal rescue organization. Our goal is to safely re-home animals. We assist the pets in high kill shelters and at risk pets.

SPRI is a group of volunteers. We work together to help the animals so donations are always welcome. Donations can be monetary as well as items such as food and treats, old towels, bleach, dog and cat supplies etc. 

We thank you for taking the time to browse our website!


Bentley (Rocket)


Only 10 months old, surrendered to Super Paws Rescue, beaten, untrained, unfixed, a painful hernia and sick from malnutrition Rocket (formerly "Bentley"), is doing lightyears better but still needs help. In a few short weeks hes put on weight, his coat is soft and hes learned "sit", "leave it", "off" and almost "down"; but he needs professional training to learn to trust people and know that he wont be hit just because he makes a mistake; that NO is not a command leading to abuse. This little dog cuddles and coos. He nuzzles and plays for hours. Full of energy and love and a strong desire to be part of a family. He has one waiting for him .. But he needs more rehabilitation first. Help Rocket get into the loving arms of the family he so desperately needs and deserves. The goal is to raise $1500 to help with expenses. Please help us get there!!

We are accepting donations through GoFundMe Here is his page: https://www.gofundme.com/8wwabbhg or click below to donate to his training.



Theo has issues, big issues.
We haven't posted much about him because we are trying to figure out what to do with him. We are asking for help.
When he came in we were told he had food aggression. That was not a big problem and if that was the truth, he'd be ready for adoption right now. But, this is not at all the case.
Theo has been having seizures and on top of that, the people must have been reprimanding him when he was having them, we guess, not knowing what it was he was doing, and maybe shoving him into a crate. Needless to say he gets very, very aggressive when he has seizures and no one can get anywhere hear him. When we say aggressive, we mean he makes cujo look like he wants to play. He is actually dangerous when having these seizures.
The family that had him won't give us a consistent answer about how long this has been going on, it may be from when he was a pup and he jumped out of a moving car, we don't know. We also don't know how much damage may have been done to his brain from the repeated and untreated seizures or from when he was allowed to sit by an open window while riding in a car.
If he hit his head when he jumped out the window, then that can explain the deformity in his skull and he may have had seizures for 3 years. They may be the result of something else, we really have no way of knowing at this point.
There are some other treatments such as a raw diet which is also costly so we will need help with that as well. We have spoken with the vet and a team of trainers as well. He is going to need ongoing care while we have him.
He also needs specific food, one that contains no rosemary at all. So please, if you can donate some limited ingredient food that would be great.
We are going to do all we can for him and there is a very real possibility that he will need to be euthanized. Of course, that will be the after exhausting al other possibilities for him.
He cannot be in a home at this point because of the severe aggression when he is seizing, because we can't risk him hurting someone.
Please, donate and share and let's see what we can do for this guy. When he is okay he is a great dog. He loves to run and he loves to play. No matter what road we wind up taking with him it is going to be costly.
Please, all ideas are also welcome on this one. We really want to try to keep him alive. If there is any way to save him we will find it.
He does start to drool when he is going to have a seizure so a muzzle may help. One of the concerns is these can come on at any time. Walking, while people are sleeping, perhaps while they are driving or any stressful situation. If the drooling goes unnoticed that can be a huge problem.

Click below to donate


Lylah came to us with very bad teeth, a sore under her eye that wouldn't heal, unspayed and a UTI. Little did we know she had cancer in her uterus too!

We had he teeth done, which cleared up the lesion under her eye which was actually from the infected teeth. The infection was draining through her eye. She had 14 teeth removed which were all infected and rotted.

Lylah was at the vet to meet a family who is also a client of Dr Ali. While she was there she began to have discharge. Dr Ali thought she had pyometra, an infection in her uterus, which is fatal. Dr Ali kindly did surgery for her because he feared for her life, although we did not have the money for the surgery he decided it needed to be done so he did the procedure and found that, in fact, she had cancer in her uterus not pyometra. He removed all he could and also found her spleen is enlarged.

Lylah is 11 years old so we will not be doing chemo on her as it would be too much for her to handle.

We owe Dr Ali for the surgery and we need donations to help us cover the bill.

Please click below to help us cover the costs of her procedure, or contact Vet For Pet between 5 & 10 PM to make a donation directly to our vet by calling 860-216-5342 or click below to donate.