Please keep in mind that adopting a pet is a commitment. Dogs and cats can live 10 – 20 years. They need love and attention, training, food and vet care during that time. Of course, you get unconditional love, a best friend and many other benefits but we ask that you are ready to commit to taking care of an animal for the duration of his or her life.  

Way too many times, the reason we have animals in our rescue it is because someone didn’t train, or worse, the animal got old and they want a new one. When we adopt an animal to you, we expect you to follow through.

This application is for any pet in Super Paws Rescue, some questions may not apply to the particular pet you are looking for. Please answer N/A to these questions.

These questions are qualifying questions, they are designed to help us place the animals in the correct homes. Please be as honest and thorough as possible, this will help to ensure you adopt a pet that will fit well in your household.

Pre-Approval benefits

We can pre-approve and you let us know when the one you can’t forget comes in the rescue!

  • Be ready when that special one becomes available.
  • You have the option of meeting us at an event and choosing a pet that day.
  • We may, in some cases, reserve a particular pet for you!

Adoption Fees:

  • Adult cats  – $175
  • Kittens up to 1 year –  $225
  • Adult dogs  – $400
  • Puppies  – $450

Each animal is spayed or neutered, has their first shots 1 Rabies & 1 Distemper (age appropriate shots, puppies and kittens need 3 distemper), cats are tested for FIV and FeLeuk, dogs tested for heartworm if they are 1 year or more, they are all dewormed and in most cases, microchipped.

In a lot of cases, more medical or behavioral issues are also addressed.

Please note: We cannot guarantee the health of any animal. We do the best we can.

Puppies and kittens need 3 sets of vaccinations which you, as the new owner are responsible for. 

We have been asked if we get their vet and training care for free. We do not. We do get discounts but with all the animals in rescues it is not possible for these professionals to treat free of charge.

Application Process:

We hear people ask why it is so difficult to get an animal from a rescue. We do check on the families who would like to adopt and here is why. These animals have been failed before and in a lot of cases they have been abused or neglected. We are doing our best to ensure they will be in a forever home, safe and loved. 

Once your application is in, we review your application by calling the references and do some background checking. From your responses, we decide if the particular animal will do well in your home. If all this checks out, we will do a home check and a meet and greet with your whole family.

Sometimes we get a lot of applications on each animal. We can only choose one family for each animal and it is not an easy decision. If you are not chosen for a particular animal,  and you are approved, you may adopt another animal that is ether in our rescue or a future one.

Please follow the instructions to download, fill out and email the application below: