Qualifying Questions

Many times we've been asked what fostering is all about. The following questions will help explain what's expected of you, and what you should expect from us. Fostering is a commitment, we are never sure if it will be a couple days or a couple months. Sometimes an animal will be easy, other times they will be a little more of a challenge.

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What To Expect

In most cases we do not know the animal well. When a dog is in a shelter environment they act differently than when in a home. Also, when we take an owner surrender, the people are trying to get the animal out and don't tell us everything. In the event that an issue arises, we have a trainer and vets to help. In some instances, we do have to move the animal which does not happen overnight. We ask you to be patient and listen to the advice given.

What We Provide

We provide all vet care, collars, leashes, litter boxes etc. When we can we provide food. If needed, we supply a crate and bedding.

Events and Appointments

Your foster will need to attend adoption events, meetings with potential families and vet appointments. We ask that you get them to these appointments when possible, or at least make them available for pick up.

Helping Your Foster Find a Home

You are the people who will know this animal best. We need pictures, information (good or bad) and all details you notice that will help us in finding the correct home. For instance, things that the animal enjoys, is afraid of, needs work on etc. Feel free to comment on their posts when it is appropriate, if you are not sure, ask first. We discuss some points privately with potential adopters, an example would be something like housebreaking issues and behaviors that are similar. Feel free to post your foster on your personal pages too!

We Are Here For You

Asking questions is a good thing, if you're unsure of something please ask. If you need something, we will provide what we can as quickly as we can. Now that you have read the statements above, if you feel this is for you, please continue filling out the form below:

Full Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
People in Your Home

* Please list names and ages of those who live with you, or are frequently at your home:

Animals in Your Home

* Please tell us what animals you have in your home. We require they be fixed and up to date on vet care. List each separately, include age, type of animal and activity level, as well as their animal compatibility:

Your Household Dynamics

* Some homes are very quiet, while others are bustling. In order for us to place the best foster for you, we need to know about your home. Please include how long your foster will be alone each day:

* What do you expect from your foster experience?
What experience do you have with animals?

* Please include any experience you've had, good or bad and how you handled the situation:

Where will your foster stay?

* Please tell us where your foster will stay at night, when you are not home and during the time people are home:

What type of animal are you willing to provide a home for?

* Please tell us what you will be comfortable with in your home. A large dog, small animals etc. Please be as specific as you can:

What would make you uncomfortable?

* Some dogs may bark a lot, or have issues with new people. Tell us what would be stressful for you:

Do you have any training experience?

* Please tell is what training experience you have. This can be anything from housebreaking and basic training to more intricate training:

Medicating your foster

* Some fosters may need medications. This can be anything from a pill or special bath to insulin shots. Please tell us what you're willing to administer if the need arises:

Fences vs Walking

* Where fences are nice for a play area, dogs still need to be walked. We ask that you will take the time to walk your foster (if it is a dog of course):

Fostering is not ownership

Fostering a dog means you are taking care of a dog or cat that belongs to Super Paws Rescue. You are not allowed to adopt out, give away or transfer said animal to anyone with our express consent. You are more than welcome to tell people about the pet and have them send us an adoption application. We welcome you to tell us what you think about the family and how they interacted with the animal. We do value your opinion!

Care Agreement

You will be expected to care for the animal, which includes keeping the animal clean, fed, given fresh water and free from harm of any kind while in your care.


* The animals that come to us have not had the best start. We need to make sure they are safe and happy now. We do check each family out. Please list 3 References:

What Vet Do You Use?

* Please list name address and phone:

May We Perform a Background Check?

* We look for criminal cases, such as animal abuse or violent charges. If there is something we might find that you'd like to explain, please list it in the comments in the next section. Some things will not prevent you from Fostering:

Type of Home

* Do you live in a condo, house, apartment or live with another? Please be as specific as possible:

Do You Own or Rent?

* you own your home please check with your insurance company for any breed restrictions. For renters, please list your landlord's name address and phone. If there are any restrictions please list below:

Please use this next section to provide us any additional comments


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