At times people ask why there are so many questions. Well the answer is simple, these animals have been abandoned, abused or neglected. They have short lives and we strive to be sure that will never happen to them again. So here is the process:

  • Fill out your application fully.
  • We check your references and may perform a background check.
  • A home check is scheduled.
  • We will bring the animal you’re interested in to you for a meet and greet.
  • We carefully select the best home for the animal.

Please note: We do not choose homes for our animals by first come first serve basis. We also do not choose by the biggest, prettiest or richest home. We choose the home where the furbaby will do best and thrive.

Should you not be chosen, do not feel bad, this is not an easy decision for us. Also, if you were approved, you may be interested in another animal we have available! We keep the applications on file.

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Adoption Application